Nangs by Tame Impala - a Stock Footage Nightmare

Just for fun I made this music video for Tame Impala's wonderfully atmospheric track 'Nangs'. I had been working with some pretty horrifying corporate stock footage and felt that if I didn't make something original with it then these strange dancing office workers would take my soul with them. One adobe exorcism session later I shared it on Facebook. It's 3 days on and the bloody thing has been shared and seen over 22,000 times.

Been getting some pretty wonderful press for it to, with Gizmodo & calling it genius-

Utterly bereft of any original footage (hell, even tangentially related footage... or an official co-sign from the band itself), filmmaker / night-terror progenitor Ben Aston has nevertheless crafted a full-body fever dream from free stock footage to accompany the band’s hazy Nangs.

The result is disconcerting. That ever-present hovering watermark stands between you and this happy chappy, crushing the warm bond he’s trying so hard to form with you through ya screen.

You’re there, but you’re not; it’s familiar, but so, so foreign. It’s Aunty Donna’s 1999 meets Being John Malkovich. It’s vaporwave meets Dilbert, meets clawing existential dread.

All in all I like to think it proves one thing: never stop trying to make your friends laugh